Boost your cooperation with DevSecOps

Collaboration is key

Your application is live. It’s a matter of keeping it operational without any unwanted bugs at unexpected places. This way, you avoid finger pointing between Development & Operations teams. Adding new features or fixing bugs needs to happen fast. No wonder that the DevOps practice is nowadays a hot topic within organisations. Collaboration is key in this risky process.

The layer in between

At Tobania, we take it one step further by adding a security team layer. Cyber-attacks are now part of our daily news. The security team needs to be involved in the development process from the start. Say goodbye to drastic measures to cover your security issues after delivery. Say hi to DevSecOps.

Your guide in the digital jungle

We’ll be your team’s guide and support for every issue. A thorough analysis of the development cycle quickly points out the hotspots. We’ll take part in solving those, while sharing our best practices. Thanks to our testing and reporting tools, you can sleep on both ears. A fast and – above all – safe release of your product, is the guaranteed result.  

Keep your applications operational and boost your cooperation with DevSecOps.

Dries De Peuter

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