Every business eventually is a data business.

Let’s steer towards better insights. 

Do you want to analyse your data to gather actionable business insights and achieve new opportunities? As your <wingman>, our colleagues at Python Predictions help you build your smarter tomorrow by solving every business challenge in an agile and data-driven way. 

To put it more concretely: our Python Predictions colleagues provide data expert talent, make data science accessible, analyse your business processes, deliver data visualisations and solve your business challenges by minimising the human bias and the subjective view on the process. The result is a 100% fact-based analysis and an increased business value, relying on the appropriate tools in AI and machine learning models. They understand your data and extract value from it, regardless of its size. So, ready to turn data details into wisdom? Let’s get started! 


Our Python Predictions colleagues translate every well-defined or exploratory business challenge into a concrete, solvable and analytical insight. To get there, they use various data-driven solutions such as Forecasting, Process Mining or IoT Analytics.


Python Predictions delivers regular co-creation workshops, specifically designed for managers. In those workshops, you’ll get to discover all the must-knows about analytical roadmaps, leading to a concrete list of valuable project ideas.


Anticipating the increasing needs for data expert talent, Python Predictions offers different possibilities for a long-term partnership. They help you recruit new talent and provide data science trainees or even team leads on a temporary basis.

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